The Prime Book: Reflections on Time and Beauty


The Prime Book is a collection of extraordinary women in their prime, seen through the lens of one of America’s quintessential image-makers. 

Compelling for photography collectors, admirers of contemporary photography and champions of self-worth and beauty.

Prime: Reflections on Time and Beauty is a portrait book that features portraits and accompanying essays of women from the ages of 35 to 104. Published by American photographer and filmmaker Peter Freed, The Prime Book celebrates what it means to be a woman in her “prime” in modern-day America. Sometimes the subjects of the Prime Book are known in their own right, and other participants are unknown, noteworthy because their stories resonate with women across the country on a more personal level.


A Look Inside The Prime Book



·      Eighty-six black and white portraits of extraordinary women without jewelry, makeup or retouching.

·      Accompanying essays written by each subject that celebrates authentic and unvarnished beauty.

·      Two hundred pages printed on 100# McCoy Silk Text Stock, regarded as the best-of-the-best fine paper.

A woman whose TED talk on authenticity went viral and earned 20 million views; a breast cancer survivor who changed career paths to create bathing suits with integrated prostheses; a woman who has dedicated her life to providing speech therapy for the facially disfigured; a supermodel who fights for maternal health internationally and believes that Every Mother Counts.

The Prime Book by Peter Freed presents an eclectic lineup of American women whose potent personalities and powerful essays express freedom, confidence and assurance that “prime” is more than just a number. The message of The Prime Book is discovered in each subject’s individual journey as expressed in her own words. The accompanying essays are filled with the challenges and opportunities life offers as well as the incredible choices made in response to those events.

The women of The Prime Book are inspiring and original, redefining what it means to be “in your prime.” Through their own experiences and life stories, these women prove that beauty transcends age, looks and stage of life.