USA TODAY — "Celebrity photog Peter Freed's in his 'Prime'"

Daily Mail — "Christy Turlington featured in extraordinary photographer's book of women in their prime."

Huffington Post — "The essays are filled with the challenges and opportunities life throws us and the choices made in response to those events."

Daily Voice — "These women's stories will make you laugh, bring you to tears, and give you hope." — "The book is more than just a beautiful photo book, but a vehicle to help women who are facing the same challenges that these women are facing."

Lee Woodruff, Good Morning America — "Peter's beautiful portraits capture the essence of these women."

Chicago Sun Times — "Peter Freed's book, Prime, starts the important discussion about aging and attitude."

UK Style — "Women prove they don’t need make-up in stunning series of photographs"

The Crowdfunding Center — "Photographer Peter Freed's portraits and each women's essay redefines what it means to be a women in her prime."

Lebanon Blogs — "Prime is a magical book, by photographer Peter Freed, that features redefining women of all ages while challenging societies unrealistic beauty standards."

Boston News Time — "The women uniformly refuse to accept conventional definitions about a women's age. It is my hope that in the pages of this book we will learn the names, see into the faces, and hear in their own words details of the journey that has shaped them."

Hearst Empowering Women — "A new photography book celebrates women aging."